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Why I Am Seeking an MBA in Singapore

by admin

My brother moved to the states to live with my grandparents when he was a baby. Things were tough growing up how we did. However, we both had family that supported us, and we both earned our bachelor degrees. I called my brother to tell him I was enrolling to earn my mba in singapore. My brother fancies himself a comedian and asked me why I started playing basketball. I reminded him I said “MBA” not “NBA.” He told me he knew and was just being funny. Yes, that is my brother.

He told me that he had enrolled to earn his Master’s in Business Administration about three weeks ago. He was waiting to hear from me to tell me. We will be graduating at the same time. Our lives have kind of paralleled like that even though we are separated by great distance. I have been privileged to spend every other summer with him growing up and he with me here in Singapore. We both have a well rounded sense of the two cultures and places. I have a fondness for the United States and he has one for Singapore. I told him when we were younger that if we were twins, we could have switched places and no one would have known.

Though things have been tough for our family, we are now doing much better. My grandfather is the one who paid for the plane tickets to get my brother and I back and forth for our alternate summer visits. He would book months in advance for the lowest prices, but he found a way to make it happen. I am grateful for that and so is my brother. The experiences will make our advanced degree learning all that much richer. My plan is to earn enough to travel when I want. My brother has the same thoughts.


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