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When I Use a Paystub Maker to Get Through the Red Tape

by admin

I have my own business. I have had it for years. I actually write myself a regular paycheck every week. I have to pay my own withholding quarterly, and you end up paying for your full Social Security and Medicare tax when you work for yourself. Your employer would pay half if you are a wage worker for someone. My problem is needing documentation of my earnings. Lots of places just take a tax return and Schedule C. Some only want to see a paystub, and they freak out if you don’t have a wage job. So, a paystub maker I found online is helpful to me in such situations.

I keep a running tally of my tax withholding and each paycheck I write myself. Seeing it is my business, I could write whatever paycheck I wanted. However, I stick to a set rate, and I consider the rest profit that I put back into the business or save for a bonus. Letting some of these companies I deal with see a series of paystubs to prove my income is a lot easier than explaining what I do and how I am self-employed and how I get paid and so on and so on. It gets really frustrating at times. Most of the office workers who are taking info just want you to fit into their standard mold. Business owners do not, but we can be creative in finding ways to give them the info they want without undue hassle.

I tell them up front that I work for my own business and get a weekly paycheck. I then show them my paystubs I make with the online paystub maker as proof. They make copies, file them away and that is the end of it. The income is real and provable through bank documents and cashed checks. When I am getting a business loan, then they look at my tax returns and Schedule C filings. For the routine stuff that just wants a paystub, I take the other route.


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