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Visiting My Parents and Their New Place is Giving Me a New Start

by admin

After my divorce earlier this, I felt really lonely. My parents have been living in another country for the last 5 years, so I didn’t have family to spend time with at first. They moved overseas to purchase a Singapore New Futura Condominium, and they often emailed me photos and emails about their new life so far from me. I lived on my own for awhile, but I really missed them. Being single meant that I no longer needed to answer to someone else, so my dad told me that he was sending me an airplane ticket so that I could visit him and my mother.

My ex-husband was always very controlling. He always wanted a say in everything that I did. I had once planned to go to Europe with some friends of mine, and he came up with every excuse in the book as to why I should not go. He told me that we could not afford it and did his best to be negative about it. I decided not to go because I was tired of listening to him. After he was out of the picture, I was free to go where I wanted. I could not wait to see my parents and stay with them for awhile!

My parents and I were really happy to be together again. I had never thought of moving in with my parents at any point in my adult life, but I began thinking about it soon after I visited them here in Singapore. Staying with them for awhile would mean that I would have a place to stay while looking for a job here if I chose to stay. I tossed the idea around in my thoughts for awhile, and then talked to them about it. They were willing to let me stay in their condo for as long as it took me for me to find a new job and get a place of my own.


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