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The Indoor and Outdoor Amenities Are Great

by admin

Looking at the various westside Atlanta luxury apartments that were available last month when I started looking for a new pad to call my own, I was surprised that one stood out above all the others. I knew there were some nice places, which is why I wanted to search on that side of town, but I truly was surprised to see that 464 Bishop is the only one that has everything I want, and then some. The first thing I wanted to look at were the amenities, both inside and out, because I knew I would be spending just as much time outside as I would in my apartment.

For the actual apartment, it is amazing. I have the Lohi floor plan, which is 1,281 square feet of luxury. It is two bedrooms and two baths, which is too much if it was just me, but I knew that I would have my niece living with me every summer, plus other family members popping in for a short stay. I am able to afford the two bedroom unit easily enough, so I figured I should take their comfort into consideration too so they can have an actual bedroom instead of sleeping on the couch or getting a hotel room.

As for the amenities, the four main things I want are here. The first is a fitness center where I can lift weights as well as get a good cardio workout. The second is a swimming pool, and this one is even nicer than I expected since it is saltwater. The third thing is a clubroom since I do want to know the people I live by, and a clubhouse is the perfect place to just hang out. The final thing is outdoor grilling areas, because there is nothing better in the summer than a grilled steak with friends outside.


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