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The Future of Internet File Sharing

by admin

Of course file sharing has been around as long as the Internet quite nearly, that is essentially the purpose for which it was designed. The CERN Physicist Bernards Lee who originated the idea was looking for a solution to the difficulty of categorizing and digesting scientific documents, but within a short time some guy sent off a scan of a naked girl. There have been dozens of dozens of steps between that baby step and the vast archive found on sites like the Pirate Bay. I am wondering how we go to the next step and what happens when we get to something like the sorts of speeds that they have in South Korea and Japan and other smaller nations in the Far East. Of course they have advantages when it comes to building real modern high speed networks. In South Korean it dates back to the military dictatorship, which decided to make internet infrastructure a priority back when most people did not know what the web was. They are obviously all very compact nations where all of the population is concentrated in small areas.

When you have that sort of bandwidth it changes the dynamics. You can get at least ten or twenty times as much bandwidth as the average American gets if you are really determined to build a fast network. Imagine being able to download a gigabyte in minute or less on a consistent basic. You would be able to download movies in full 4k rather easily. Obviously that would allow you to watch movies pretty much the same way that you do in the theater, although you would probably need to upgrade your TV to do that. Regular 1080p HD movies would fly down and you would probably need a massive storage solution to keep many of them.


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