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The Dogs Keep Me Busy

by admin

When I retired from my job, I thought it would be so relaxing to just sit at home with nothing to do. For a short time, I enjoyed it, but I eventually became bored of that lifestyle. I had to get up and get moving. I noticed that there were a lot of dog owners in my neighborhood and decided to start a dog walking business. I wanted to create a website to promote my business and act as a hub for people to request my services. For a small business kiwi website design looked like the best option, as it was affordable and they promised to do all of the work of making it.

I wanted to have the website configured with a time table that people could look at and select times for their dogs to be walked. I was willing to walk more than one dog at once, but I knew that I would get overwhelmed if I had to walk too many dogs, so I put a limit on how many dogs could be walked at any given time during a session. Each time slot had an indicator on the number of dogs that would be accepted, how many were currently reserved, and if the number had been met, the time slot would become grayed out so that no one else would be able to reserve that spot.

In the first week of having the website open, I received requests from nearly everyone in the neighborhood to walk their dog. I imagined that some of the dog owners wanted a break from walking their dogs, but I didn’t think it would be that many. The dog walks have been great exercise for me. On some days when the sun is out in full force, it can get hot, but I just bring an umbrella with me.


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