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Taking Orders the New Way

by admin

I run a restaurant, and I used to get questions from my customers all the time about whether they could place an order online. I didn’t have any kind of system like that set up, so I always told them no. I talked with some of the staff about setting up a website, but no one knew anything about how to make one. One of the staff came up with an idea to use Massive Infinity mobile app development to make an app instead of a website. I didn’t understand the advantage of having one over the other, because it all seemed like advanced tech jargon to me.

The staff member told me that while the app and the website can be used to take online orders, the app can be more specialized. We started brainstorming some ideas that we could put into the app and came up with some neat ones. We thought of a neat point system that can distribute points to anyone who orders with the app. When the customers get enough points, they can use them to get discounts on their meals. The app would also show customers how long it would take for their order to be completed, and even allow them to set an expected arrival time.

After handing over our ideas to the app development company, they put their designers to work on making the app. It didn’t take long to have the app running. I specifically told the company that I wanted the app to be as small as possible so that even people with a limited amount of space on their phones could download it. Whenever anyone would come to my restaurant, I would tell them to download the new app and make sure to place their orders in it to earn discounts on their future meals.


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