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Started to Look for a New Place to Live

by admin

I really did not have a lot of choice about it, in fact my landlord has been trying to get rid of me and the other tenants for some time. He has been working on a deal to tear the building down and then some other real estate developer is going to put up a bigger building. I think that it is New Futura, but that is just a rumor that I had heard when the tenants were conspiring to stall this stuff. Of course we are not in love with the place really, but we have to think about what it is going to take to get a better place for us, and that is obviously more money than we are paying at the moment. I got my lease under very favorable terms and if and when I started to look for a new place to live there is a real certainty that it is going to cost me a good bit more money than I am paying at this moment.

I started the search by taking a radius around the office where I work, obviously because I want to be able to minimize the time and effort that is required to get from my new home to the office. I have some other things to think about and I would like to get a building where they have a good place to work out. This building has nothing like that and so I had to join a health club so that I could work out, but if the weather is good enough I often just run in the park. Of course if it were an option I would like to have the opportunity to meet girls too, but that is not something that you can really think about too much.


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