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Reading Philosophy is Better for Those Who Wonder About the How and Why of Things

by admin

Is the First ‘Hallows Quest’ in Philosopher’s Stone? Yes.Philosophy used to be set apart from common society. There were men and women who wrote using an expansive vocabulary to describe the deepest things of human experience. They were loved and hated by their readers. Some would read what they wrote and used it to assist in formulating an opinion on everything that has to do with human existence. Others read the essays to fuel their dislike for the philosopher’s opinions. Others, who may rarely read, would point out that talking about life gets in the way of living it.

All human beings have a philosophy and a theology. We have a way of categorizing everything in nature whether it be physical, psychological or spiritual. A contempt for the philosophical among us is in itself a philosophy just as the absence of religious faith is actually a theology. In modern times the philosopher has been silenced to make way for political correctness. Though it is good to take a deeper look into why we do things the way we do them, there is little time anymore to sit back and contemplate on the words of a philosopher.

A philosopher is observant. He or she sees things in a way others do not. Two people can look at a math problem. A non-philosopher will just work the formula to get a solution. A philosopher wonders why the formula gives the answer every time it is used. A busy baker follows a recipe for making bread. A philosopher wonders what was involved over the ages that brought about that recipe to exist in the proportions it does. Those who wonder about the how and why of things will enjoy reading the words of a philosopher much more than those who are content that two plus two always equal four with not a care as to why it does.


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