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Planning a Big Night out

by admin

I have decided that it is going to be a good idea to make a big deal out of Anne’s birthday. Of course you can not do that with every date on the calendar, but this is one which usually hits a woman hard. She is going to turn 40 and it is not something that she really enjoys. I have been thinking about how far I want to go however, because obviously we have our bills to pay. I was trying to get a firm quote from a place called Star night – limo services in Toronto, but they do not seem to be all that eager to be pinned down. They want to get all of the details before they tell you what it is going to cost you. The big thing seems to be how many other people are going to want to use their services. Of course you have to decide just how big of a limo you really need. The place I am looking at has a Hummer, but that probably looks a bit ridiculous and it would probably be more suited for a bachelor party or some thing of that sort. I am sort of tempted to go with a small town car, which might just be nothing more than a nice Mercedes Benz or something of that sort, a normal passenger car. The big thing is just to have the driver, which obviously frees you up to do whatever you feel like doing. In this case we would probably be drinking a few glasses of expensive wine. It is not something that I care for all that much, but this is not really about me after all. So we are going to do pretty much what Anne would want to have us do. It is her party.


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