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My Son Asked to Move in with Me

by admin

The last thing I expected to be doing just months ago was finding a place for my son and I to move into. He lived with his mom up until we started searching for apartments in North San Antonio and found a really nice one. Our arrangement was working out great for us, but then his mom accepted her boyfriend’s proposal. My son and her now fiance do not get along too well because they are just different types of people, but I am really hoping that changes as the days move forward.

That is not to say I was not thrilled when he asked if he could move in with me. I only had a one bedroom apartment at the time, and there was just no way we could have made that work on a permanent basis. I was near the end of my annual lease, and I was just grateful that I had not yet signed up for another year. That gave the two of us time to look for a place where we would both be happy. He wanted to stay in the same school district, and I wanted to remain relatively close to where I work.

Finding an apartment at Woodbridge Apartments worked out the best for us. We were able to get a really nice two bedroom unit, and we each have our own private baths too. This apartment is actually much nicer than the one I had just given up. It has a lot more common room areas, such as the living room, the dining area which also doubles as a study area, the breakfast nook, the kitchen, and the extremely large patio. We even have a washer and dryer in this apartment, which is awesome. My son seems a lot happier now, and I have to admit that I am too. I have missed him more than I realize!


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