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My Parents Have a New Security System

by admin

I was beyond happy when my parents started looking at real estate the last time they came down to visit me here in Tucson. I had been living here nearly ten years, and I cannot see myself living anywhere else. The only negative to it was that my parents were nearly a thousand miles away. They did come to visit often, and then they ended up moving here about a year after Dad retired. The house they bought is only a few miles from me, so we see each other nearly every day now.

When they bought their house, the one thing that my husband suggested was that they invest in a home security system. We have ADT at our house, and we have never had a problem with it. We have friends who have another system installed, and it seems they have to call customer service at least a few times a year because of faulty sensors. We have never had to call customer service for a single thing due to equipment failure, and my parents agreed that ADT was the security system company they wanted to go with too.

We live in a low crime area, but none of us are so naive to think that it cannot happen here. I don’t know how many times I have read in the news, “Things like that don’t happen where I live.” Well, that is true, but only until something like that does happen. Having ADT is inexpensive, and it gives us peace of mind that should someone want to break in, they will think about it twice knowing that their actions are going to be recorded on camera. That was the only thing that my parents had to do with their new home, as it seems as if it was made just for them otherwise!


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