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My New Home in Canada

by admin

When I started looking at available jobs in my field, I was really only looking at the ones in Singapore. It made no sense to look elsewhere, since Singapore was my home. Notice that I said was, because I now live in another country. Yes, I did immigrate to Canada, but it was not something that I decided to do on a whim. I researched everything about Canada that I could possibly could first. I wanted to make sure that there were other opportunities there for me too should something happen to the job that I was interested in originally.

Also, I wanted to check on their crime stats. Where I lived in Singapore was extremely safe, but I know that was the exception in this world rather than the rule. Even with firearms not legal in Canada, I knew that crime happens in many other ways too. I was happy to see that the area where I would be moving to was actually safer than where I lived in Singapore, which was saying a lot. After checking out other things to make sure my quality of life would be the same if not better there, I decided to go ahead and start the process.

Since I had no idea what was even entailed in this, I had to go online again to find out what I needed to do. There, I was able to find a website that explained everything to me. I just did everything the website said to do, and everything went through without any troubles. It actually happened a lot quicker than I thought it would, because I figured there would be a lot of red tape involved. I was happy with the process, and I am also very happy with my new home here in Canada!


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