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My Furnace Just Stopped Working

by admin

Some people think that the weather here in California is always gorgeous. I know differently though. Sure, we have some really great days and evenings here, but we also get snow, rain, and cold temperatures too. I have never had a problem with my furnace before, so I was not sure what to do when it just would not turn on one day last week. I tried a couple of times, somehow thinking it would just come on! Anyway, I knew I had to find a Sacramento HVAC services company because I have three young children, and I was not going to let them stay cold even one night.

I had no idea if I would be able to find a company to come out that day without paying a small fortune, so I considered myself very lucky when the first company I contacted was able to come out that afternoon. Even better, the service call price was definitely reasonable. I knew I would have paid whatever price they wanted to charge, so I was just very thankful that it did not break the bank. The repairman was right on time, and he was extremely friendly and professional.

I took him to the furnace, and I expected that it would take him a little bit of time to figure out what the problem was. Truth be told, I was hoping that it was something easy to fix because I knew it would be stretching our budget beyond its limits if we had to buy a new furnace. Thankfully, it was a very common problem, and he was able to just change one part in the furnace. It was working before he left, and hot air had never felt so good to me. The best part is the price was a lot lower than I expected!


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