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Lots to Do when a Tree Damages Your Roof

by admin

I got home from work first. We live at the end of a cul de sac. Our house is actually separated from neighbors by trees. I saw it when I pulled into the driveway. A large branch from an oak tree had come down during the storm we had while we were at work. The branch was on the ground and so was the gutter and a bunch of shingles. I called my wife and told her I was going to send her a video of the storm damage. I then called for roof repair in Manhattan NY to get someone out ASAP.

I went inside and up to the bedroom under the area of the roof section that was damaged. There was some evidence of water, so I knew the insulation in the attic had to be soaked. There is a lot to do when a tree comes done in a rainstorm. Not only did we have to have the roof fixed, we needed the tree removed, grass replanted and we needed the attic dried out and the insulation replaced. We got the teams of workers all moving. The next call was to my insurance company. I called them last because I wanted to decide who did the work on the house. Your insurance company is thinking about their bottom line. I was thinking about the quality of the work, and you should too if it happens to your house.

The roof repair was the most visible part of the work. The damage in the attic would not even be seen if it left a stain. It didn’t, but you know what I mean. With the tree stump gone and grass replanted, it looks like nothing ever happened. We had the whole tree cut down since one big branch missing made it look bad. The big thing was matching the shingles for the roof repair. It could not be done due to the age of the roof, so we had all of them replaced. The insurance company tried to argue, but we insisted. The help of the roofing company was very valuable in proving no color match could be attained.


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