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Looking for a Place in Denver

by admin

Jane and I have been trying to figure out if we are going to need the best Denver realtor to help us with the move there. We are in the process of trying to sell our place in Aurora and that is becoming a good deal harder than we would have hoped. Of course her boss is the one who is pushing this, they have offered her a big promotion and that is in Denver. It is not really the sort of offer that you can refuse, but obviously we need to get the money back out of the home that we have in order for the move to be really practical. We have been thinking about renting the place, because that is something that we could actually do in a real easy and quick way. We know a couple who would be happy to do it. They are living in an apartment and the rent is a great deal more than our house payment. Of course in theory this would not be a bad solution, but it is complicated to say the least.

At any rate we are looking into all of our options. We think that we could do things a number of ways. Of course the truth is that where I lay down to bed at night does not really effect my job. I have been in our office a half dozen times in the past year. I do my job in my car and I cover three states in the process. In fact being in Denver would really put me closer to a larger percentage of the customers. In a lot of ways it would make things a lot easier for me than what they are right now. It is still going to be the same job however.


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