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I Was Always So Tired

by admin

If anyone would have told me that I would feel infinitely better from going to a local home show in the area, I would have laughed. Looking at landscaping options or how to remodel my bathroom on a shoestring budget might be interesting, but it could hardly help my body from hurting so much. Well, that is exactly what happened, in a roundabout way. I had no idea that a Santa Maria chiropractor would be there. I did stop at his booth because I had heard that chiropractic care can help a number of people with different issues, so I was curious what his take on my issues would be.

I have suffered from headaches for years, which was the main culprit. There were some things that were related to my headaches though. I was constantly tired because I just did not get a lot of good sleep. I had very little energy too. I was able to function just fine at work, because I have a desk job that requires very little activity. However, once I got home, it was a struggle to get everything done that needed done.

After talking with the chiropractor at the home show, I felt a glimmer of hope that maybe he actually would be able to help me. I was able to see him in his office just a few days later, and I was even more impressed after that. I had a spinal adjustment done, which is just a manipulation to get my spine aligned properly, and he gave me a list of stretching exercises to do every day at home. I went back every two to three days for a few weeks, and I feel so incredible now. I had no idea that my lack of energy and headaches were going to be so easy to fix!


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