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I Need to Find a New Roommate

by admin

I have been looking for a new place to stay and really it has not really gone so well to this point honestly. I found this place that I absolutely loved for a bunch of reasons, but there is no way that I can afford to live there unless I find a roommate. It is part of these really nice luxury apartments in Lewisville TX and the location is almost ideal for me. It would be a good walk to the office, a bit longer than I would like. However you could cut through this park on a bike and be there in about ten minutes. That would probably be fine in the morning, but it probably gets too hot to be riding home around here. At any rate I may take the bus to work if I could get this place some way or another. There is a bus stop in front of the place and the bus ride would be no time. Since parking is a pain at the office that might work out for me.

They allow pets and so I could get a dog if I wanted to, however they want you to pay for the right. It takes three hundred dollars up front and they are not going to give that back no matter what. Then after that they want to get fifteen dollars a month in pet rent. The dog is going to cost you some more money obviously and I doubt that it is going to be very happy living in an apartment, especially when I am gone for the entire day. However I could get one if that was what I wanted to do. A roommate is the first thing that I need though, since without one there is no way this is practical.


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