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I Liked This Bus Charter Tour in Singapore Even Though I Really Shun Crowds

by admin

Traveling is always something I wanted to do, but have a really hard time doing. We can’t afford private tours of places we go to, and I am not one for crowds! You could read that last sentence with all capital letters for the word “not” for even more emphasis. I put up with the standard tourist system of things because my desire to see things and experience them overpowers my desire to shun the crowds. This was one of the things that had me nervous about our bus charter for touring Singapore last year when we visited the island nation.

I could not imagine riding around for hours in a big bus crowded with people. However, the bus we were on was super-comfortable and roomy. The climate was perfectly controlled. The particular bus we were on let me direct the air vent right at my face. The cool air blowing right on me helped take away that stuffy closed-in feeling I get when on airplanes and other modes of transportation where I am just another passenger. Sure, I would have preferred a private tour in a nice inconspicuous limo with a pro driver, but this bus charter in Singapore actually turned out quite well. The driver of the bus really was highly trained and very professional.

I have always had a case of the nerves around any crowds. I am not even a fan of family get-togethers where there are more than five people. Still, I like to go and see new things. I have to give myself a pep talk to get moving. Otherwise, I will just cancel and stay home or at the hotel. Almost every time I go I am happy I went. This chartered bus tour in Singapore was no exception. My wife and I had a great time, and the comfort of the bus made it all that much better.


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