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I Had a Wrinkle Reduction Procedure

by admin

I am not the type of person to go to great lengths to cover up my aging. I have earned every wrinkle that I have, and I was not ashamed of them. However, a really good friend of mine did not feel the same way. She was 60 years old, and she looked 60 years old. She wanted to retain her youthful looks a bit more, and she ended up going to a aesthetic clinic in Singapore to have wrinkle reduction procedures done. I tried to actually talk her out of it because I just was not sure how natural she was going to look afterwards.

I have another friend who had some plastic surgery done, and her face looks unnatural because of how tight the skin is stretched now. I did not want my other friend to have this same look about her. She insisted on going though, so I supported her decision. When I saw her after it was done, which was about three weeks later, I could not believe the difference in her appearance. She still looked the same, and she did not have any unnatural look about her.

What she did have was less wrinkles, and she was absolutely glowing. Now I know I said that I don’t fight the aging process, but it was too nice of a change to not want to see what they could do for me too. I just made an appointment to have a consultation, and I was happy with how it went. I underwent the same wrinkle reduction procedure, and I look at least five years younger now, if not more. I was pretty firm on this before, but it is okay to change an opinion when the results are as positive as what these were for me and my friend.


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