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I Changed My Mind About Coffee

by admin

I used to be someone who absolutely hated coffee. It all started when I was a little kid. I asked my mom, who was a coffee drinker, if I could try some of her coffee. She told me that it really wasn’t for little kids, but let me have just a bit. As I tried it, I felt a bitter flavor on my tongue and made a disgusted face. My mom laughed and I avoided coffee like the plague. Now, after going to Cuppabean and getting my own Nespresso machine, I love coffee and drink it every day.

A friend of mine got a machine for her apartment and offered me some coffee one day. I told her that I didn’t like coffee and told her the story that happened when I was a kid. She laughed at me and said that I might like coffee if I try it now. She said that there were certain foods that she didn’t like when she was a kid, but now she can’t get enough of them. She had a point. At some point in my life, I didn’t like tomatoes, but now I absolutely love them. I decided to give her coffee a try.

I took a sip of the coffee, expecting to hate it, but I actually liked it, and asked for more. My friend was happy to give me more. She recommended that I look at a coffee machine that I might want to buy so I can make my own coffee at home. Now that I have my own machine, I can just make a cup of coffee anytime I want. All of the years that I’ve been missing out on coffee were a waste, because I could have actually been drinking it. My mom wouldn’t have bought some for me as a kid, but during my teen years and college years, I could have enjoyed it.


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