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I Am Staying in Dallas for a Week

by admin

It is sort of funny honestly, because it was a really big pain to get in touch with my friend Lonnie to get him to lend me his place for a week. He has a really nice place, luxury apartments in north Dallas TX and the guy is only there about half of the time. When I found him he was in Heidelberg Germany, which I do not know how to spell. At any rate he told me that his mother had an extra key and that she would meet me there. When I got there it was not his mother there. Instead she sent her niece who brought along two other girls. They were in the bar when I got there, drinking shots of tequila and listening. It turned out that one of them thought that I was cute. I was wondering if she was old enough to be honest. She said that she was a junior at SMU, but it was one of those things where you can not really tell the difference between a girl who is seventeen and one that is twenty one years old.

They asked me if I wanted to go hear a band play and I did not turn them down. Of course they wanted a designated driver and that was fine with me, it was not as though I had anything better to do. I was there for business and I was about two days earlier trying to get things prepared for the big meeting. At any rate I hardly made it back to Lonnie’s place for days to be honest. It turned out this girl had just broken up with her boyfriend and I seemed to be convenient for her. She did not want something long lasting and she knew that I was going back home.


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