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I Am Moving in with Lynn

by admin

Of course this has been coming on for a good time, we have been dating since I was a senior in college and she was a junior. That has been close to three years now, both of us have jobs and we have plans which do not involved living apart any longer. Right now I am deciding what to keep and what to get rid of, since Lynn has her own stuff and there is a limit to how much room her place has. After that I need to arrange for post tenancy cleaning in Singapore so that I can try to retrieve the security deposit from the landlord. That is not going to be an easy matter. She is a very unpleasant lady with a drinking problem and everyone knows quite well that you have to use a pry bar if you want to get her to return that security deposit. If the place is absolutely spotless when you move out, then she will return it. However if there is anything that she can use for an excuse, then you are going to get nothing.

At any rate the best thing for me is to pay a cleaning service. That way I get some of the money back, although it is obvious that I do not want to spend the time that it would take to do as good of a job as I would need to do. At any rate we shall save a great deal of money like this. Her place is more expensive than mine, but obviously two rents are more expensive than one is. The location is about ten minutes closer to my office than this place is and that is a big plus for me. We are going to start saving money for a place of our own.


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