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How We Use Augmented Reality from a Motion Graphics Company in Singapore

by admin

One of the coolest thing we did was to use augmented reality in our product maintenance and training videos for consumers and professionals. We use a company that creates incredible motion graphic in Singapore to do this. The concept is really neat. You download an app, aim your device’s camera toward the product you want to learn to use, maintain or repair, and the augmented reality works within the app to present you our company mascot who will take it from there.

An example would be a product we make that needs a filter replaced on a regular basis. You register the product when you purchase it by using the app. The app communicates with the product, and it will tell you when the filter needs changed. To learn how to do it, you just load the app, and then aim your device’s camera at the product. Shape recognition and other technologies, such as RFID, identify the product you are pointing your device at. Then the augmented reality mascot takes over to show you how to change the filter. it is like the mascot is actually doing the maintenance right before your eyes. In our testing phase, we have watched consumers look over or around their devices just to see if what was happening on screen was real or not.

Augmented reality used in everyday life is here to stay. We are just implementing it now instead of waiting for someone else to do it first. If it was not for the company that does these incredible motion graphics in Singapore, we would not be able to have such a wonderful customer training and product maintenance tutorial system that we have. Our investment in this has provided the benefit of consumers being able to use the high-tech products we sell without needing to hire a third-party to teach them how to work the products or maintain them.


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