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Had a Rather Interesting Night out

by admin

I had a rather interesting night out last weekend. I was going out to this really swanky club and I decided to try to look a lot more affluent than I really am. That was not too hard, because I have a really nice suit and I borrowed a very expensive watch from the guy down the hall. Of course I was hoping to end up bringing home a beautiful woman. I ended up talking to two of them, and they told me that they were lesbians who were looking for a three some with a handsome man. I was definitely interested, but after a little while I began to get suspicious. You may not have heard, but there have been a number of robberies in New York City this year and they all start out in this sort of way. Most of the time the victim is actually some guy who has a lot of money. Some times it is a professional athlete in fact.

I was not sure these girls were up to something, but when I took them home I made sure not to drink anything that I had not handled exclusively. They started to get really agitated after awhile and they were definitely trying to get some sort of drug in my drink, but I was still hoping to work it out for my benefit. After a little while I asked them what they were up to. Of course they played innocent, but then I took one of them purse. Inside it was a little vial of something and a small pistol. I asked them if they wanted me to call the police on them and have the police have a look at whatever was in the vial. That was a dangerous game to play, but I ended up winning.


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