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From Antennas to Ultra-High-Definition Television

by admin

Can you think of a friend, relative, neighbor or coworker that does not have some sort of TV package coming into their home? Are you old enough to remember when we used to get TV just over an antenna or rabbit ears on the back of the set? Most people today either have cable or satellite TV in their homes. Cable has come a long way, but satellite has too. It used to be you could only get local channels with cable. Now you can go to and sign up for the channels you want and they include your local channels.

What is really nice is the amount of full HD channels you can get. When you talk to your cable or satellite provider, ask how many of the channels you get will be in full HD. Also ask about the cost. Pretty much everyone has high-definition televisions now, so the standard channels are not really that useful any longer. Your package should include programming that is in full HD. That is the standard 1080p. Ultra-high-definition programming in 4k is coming out, but there is not a lot of it yet. If you have ever seen something in UHD on a really great TV, you have noticed how cool it looks.

We bought ourselves a new UHD TV that is highly rated. We watch Blu-Ray disks, streaming TV and have our satellite receiver box connected to it. Oh, I almost forgot that we have a game console connected too. Out of all that potential entertainment and programming, we are watching stuff on our DirecTV the most. That is where we DVR our favorite TV shows and then sit around as a family to watch them on evenings we can all be together. Satellite programming really looks good on our new TV.


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