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Forty-Five Senior Ladies in a Party Bus Limo Going to Bingo

by admin

They cancelled the weekly Bingo in our town. They went from every Wednesday to once every two weeks. Then they cancelled it altogether. The attendance was nearly just as high as it had been in its heyday. The problem was getting volunteers to run it every week. Many non-profits used to rely on things such as Bingo for revenue. Now I guess they have other sources. My grandmother was very upset. She went every week since the early 1970s. She only missed when the family went on vacation. I used her computer and saw the website up on the browser. I asked her what she was up to. If you knew my grandmother, you would know she was up to something.

She told me that she had called all of her friends who used to go to Bingo with her. Then they got talking about all the people they knew at the social hall where it was held. She said she was up to 45 contacts. I asked her what all that meant. She told me that she was in charge of renting the party bus to get everyone to some big Bingo game that is held about 60 kilometers away. She said that everyone was going to drive, but they all thought that a party bus limousine ride would really be fun.

I just shook my head and laughed. Grandma can get people together. She can get them to put out money and set a date to participate. They all show up too. She arranged our last community picnic. She is a social butterfly if there ever was one. She was bound and determined to make a statement to the local non-profit that canceled Bingo that the senior ladies will just take their money elsewhere. I was half tempted to go along myself. However, I didn’t, I just heard the stories and saw the pictures on social media. I knew my grandmother was outgoing, but going on an adventure in a party bus limo was not something I would have naturally expected. Now I expect anything from her.


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