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Flying a Drone Put a Kink in My Neck

by admin

I woke up yesterday morning with a pain in the neck. No, it was not my husband. I actually enjoy that old pain the neck. It really was a pain in my neck. We had purchased two UASs. You probably call them drones. They are those annoying buzzing aircraft that are remote-controlled and are seen flying over neighborhoods everywhere. It was our first time flying here, and I spent the day with my neck bent skyward. That prompted a visit to see a chiropractor in Campbell the next day. We have been traveling in our RV, so finding a chiropractor a thousand miles from home that could adjust me the right way was nice.

I rely on chiropractic medicine to keep this old body going strong. My husband and I are active. We ride bicycles, kayak on waterways, walk for miles with our dogs and now we are certified pilots for UASs. That stands for unmanned aerial systems. The aircraft we fly are unmanned aerial vehicles. The public just calls them drones. You have to register them now if they weigh a little more than one half pound. We got two pro models and we each now have our remote pilot certificates. This goes a long way for places letting us fly to take aerial footage in 4k. We have lots of extra batteries to get plenty of sky time.

All of that time looking up and then back down at the screen gave me a kink in my neck that I had not felt in a long time. The last time my neck felt like this was when we slept on the floor in an old cabin outside of a Ghost Town somewhere in the southwest. The chiropractor was able to work the kinks out of my neck, and he told me to ease up on the craning when visually tracking my quadcopter.


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