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Finding Jobs in Esports Industry

by admin

About a decade ago, I would have never predicted that Esports would become a thing, and a very popular thing at that. It is kind of amazing that so many people are playing video games as if they were there own type of sport these days. But it is really cool too, because I have never really enjoyed traditional sports – playing them or watching them. I am trying to find out info about jobs in esports and I want to learn what sort of qualifications it takes to get into the industry.

I doubt I am qualified for much more than an entry level job in the industry at this point in time, and even that might be a stretch. But I have watched probably thousands of hours of online streams of esports, and so maybe that would count for something. I guess if you can make a good enough resume though, you can often grab enough attention to land an interview. And then, if you manage to do a really good job in your interview, then sometimes, if you are lucky, you can get a job that you weren’t even qualified for in the first place.

Such a thing happened to my brother about a year ago or so. He applied for a job that he had not formal experience in, and he has not even completed his bachelor’s degree yet. But to be fair, he has taken a lot of courses at college. He just switched his major twice, and quite going to to school for a few years. Anyway, I am going to stop typing this blog post, and start searching for information and job postings, to see what I can find. Maybe I will start writing a resume for an esports job tonight as well.


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