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They Sound Just Like the Real Deal

by admin

Some of the parents got together to have a fundraiser. There is a child with an illness who goes to a local school, and he needs money for treatment. In order to raise funds, we decided to have a concert. We found it easy to hire entertainment in the UK, as we were able to get a tribute band that could perform all of the greatest songs by the band Queen. We knew that a band that could sing and play instruments as well as them would be able to get a lot of people to come out and donate to the cause. What we didn’t imagine as that the band would be eerily close to sounding like the real thing.

The band did a sound check before the actual concert was to begin, and while we watched them play and sing, we were in awe at how much they sounded like Queen. I expected them to be a little close to the original, but not that close. They even had hair, makeup, and clothes that made them look like Queen. It was like the band had not aged in a day and had all of the members. When it was time for the band to play for the actual concert, they put on quite a show.

The entire audience was cheering on the band and dancing to the music while they were playing. We sold tickets in advance and some at the door, and we were able to sell out the entire venue. People loved the show so much that they wanted us to have the band come back again, so we did. We decided to book them for another date and raised even more money for the sick child. He was able to get treatment and his parents thanked us from the bottom of their hearts.