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The Chords Are the Best

by admin

There is nothing like sitting around the camp fire when you are camping at the camp ground with friends and there is a nice and large fire raging on. I like to sit and hit the chords and listen to what my friends want to hear. There are a lot of different ways to make people listen to the chords and its really great when they realize that you are a guitar junky and that you genuinely like to play for them. My family members told me that they were happy to hear me play and I knew that it as going to be amazing when they said that they were going to take out marshmallows and start roasting them. I was really tickled when they asked me if I wanted the first one but I said after I was done singing the first song.

I was not yet done playing the first song and they were holding the first marshmallow sandwich in front of my face. I wanted to eat it so much but I was not able to because I wanted to keep on playing for all of my family and my friends. They did not care about the snack, if I wanted to stop and eat but I did not want to because it was so important for me to go and finish what I had started. I wish I knew what people were thinking about when I was singing because that kind of feedback is so important for me as an artist so I know what to play or how to play it as there are different thoughts that could always help me and what I do. People were saying that they were happy just to hear me play and were happy with what I was doing.