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Apartment Living is Better Than Ever

by admin

It used to be that apartment living was something people did while they were saving for a house and most apartments reflected that fact with their cookie cutter box design. Sure, they started calling them apartment communities at some point but they more of a conglomeration of boxes than anything resembling a community. Today that has changed as many people don’t want the high cost of getting into a house and expect more from the standard box style apartment living. Real apartment communities such as the The Marq Highland Park located in Florida are leading the way to what a real apartment community should look and feel like.

These new apartment communities are real communities surrounded by all the amenities you come to expect when looking for that perfect place to live. Aside from the standard fitness centers and pools these new apartment communities offer conference rooms, business centers, coffee bars and dry cleaning as well as restaurants, playgrounds and serene parks to relax in. While it was more advantageous decades ago to get into a house these days those advantages just don’t add up anymore. The high cost of housing has been a primary driver of this new apartment community boom as well as the high cost of owning a house.

With these new apartment communities you get all that you would expect with owning a home in a nice area without any of the hassle. The lawns are nicely manicured, the pool is cleaned and the maintenance is all taken care of for you so you can live your life in this fast paced world without worrying about the little things. A lot of the newer communities are almost self contained living experiences where you can take care of the shopping, pick up the dry cleaning, visit the pool and have a great meal at a fine restaurant without getting into your car because it’s all just a short walk from your apartment door.


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