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Always Listen to Your Family

by admin

With the holidays coming up, I always look forward to hearing what my sister is up to with the company she works for. For the past 15 years, she’s been a mobile app developer. It is always great to look back when she started the job and how we all laughed at her for putting her faith in apps. She’s the one that is laughing now since we all use them!

When she began her development job, she worked on an app for spell checking and grammar. We all told her that no one is going to use that. At the time, none of us understood how important an app would be. I remember my mom asking my sister if she had a back up plan for a job. My sister was dead set on sticking with apps. After the dinner, she told us that we’d all be using apps in a few years.

A few years later at Christmas, my younger cousin was sitting on the couch with his phone. I sat down and asked what he was playing and he told me. My sister sat with us and told me “It’s the biggest app out right now.” She had a smug look on her face and then asked if I knew who helped develop it. This was the year that we all started taking her and apps more seriously as a career. Especially after she told us how much she made from it.

Recently, my brother started his own business. He is a crafter, so making leather goods and wood carvings are what he is most famous for. Guess who helped him develop an app for his creations? Yes, out sister. I thought it was crazy to have an app for that sort of thing, but my sister was telling me about more people shopping through apps now and to not utilize that would be crazy.

Turns out, she was right. My brother always brags about how much traffic he gets through his app versus what he gets on his website. Every year, I feel like I have to tell my sister she was right about another app related thing! I always pay attention now!


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