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A Weekend Hunt with My Boss

by admin

I take my career very seriously. I work very hard to excel in the corporate sector. I am very thorough in my tasks and diligent. I always exceed expectations. Recently, my boss Mr. Jefferson invited a fellow co-worker named Ben and myself to go hunting with him in the woods. It was a rumor going around that he was looking to give one of his employees a promotion and salary boost. Mr. Jefferson was an avid hunter and used the trips to make decision. I purchased two camo guns for the trip. I knew I needed to make a good impression.

My co-worker Ben is very sycophantic. He will do and say anything to get what he wants. He knows what to say and tell to people just to get on their good side. He has a reputation at the office as being a kiss-up. He is always pandering to the bigwigs at our company. He gives the fake compliments every time he sees them. Once, he tried to buy our supervisor an expensive gift in order to get a raise. I knew that he would try his tricks on Mr . Jefferson.

We went to woodland areas of Georgia to hunt. Mr. Jefferson owned some land and a private cabin in the woods. The cabin was well furnished with electronics, beds, and a nice fire place. It was so nice. Mr. Jefferson told us to get a good night’s because we had a long day ahead of us.

The next day, Mr Jefferson, Ben, and I went into to woods. I was very nervous. I had never been hunting before and I did not know what to expect. Ben bragged about how much of an expert at hunting he was. I knew he was lying. I shot a deer on the first try. Ben could not shoot his gun properly and missed all his shots. He embarrassed himself in front of Mr. Jefferson.

A week later, Mr. Jefferson called me into his office. He told me I got the promotion. He was very pleased with my hunting skills. I was so happy.


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