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A Mystery at the Parking Lot

by admin

A few months ago I was able to buy a piece pf property for a cheap price. I bought the property to open my own costume shop with handmade costumes assembled by my family and me. While the building was in good condition with a few minor things that needed fixing, there was one huge problem that couldn’t be overlooked, and that was the parking lot. The lot had cracks and uneven concrete everywhere. There was a rumor that the previous owner went crazy and used a jackhammer on it. I needed paving in Nassau County NY before opening the shop, or my customers would have no place to park while they shopped.

I looked on the Internet for any company that could do paving jobs and found a fairly popular one. I told them about my parking lot situation and they mentioned that they heard a similar rumor about the previous owner. We made arrangements to have the parking lot paved later in the week, after they came over to take a look and see just how much damage they had to pave over. In the meantime, I called around to get some answers about how the parking lot became as damaged as it was.

After getting an idea of what they needed to do, the paving company started digging away and mixing materials to pave over the parking lot. When they were done, the parking lot looked brand new. No one would have any idea that the parking lot used to be full of cracks and uneven. I was finally able to figure out what happened to the parking lot in the first place. A boot was placed on the owner’s car while he was inside the building. He just happened to have a jackhammer in the building and tried to use it to take the boot off the car. He got the idea from an old television show. He lost control of the jackhammer and walked all over the parking lot with it.


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