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A Bus for the Church Ladies

by admin

When the women’s ministry leader at our church asked if it would be okay to look at some bus companies for the women’s annual retreat, I told her that it was definitely within our budget to do that. Usually, all of the women carpool to wherever we are going, but this was going to be a different kind of trip. Rather than go somewhere to spend the night, she just wanted us to get out for the day and have some fellowship fun. I started looking at different bus companies, and she told me that she already had one in mind.

She had looked at quite a few too, and she was really surprised when she came to a local limo company that has a wide variety of vehicles in their fleet, including buses. I had heard of limo buses, but I always associated them with events like weddings and proms. I had no idea that people actually rented them to just hang out for a day. She told me that they can seat anywhere from 20 people up to 50, so I knew that we would definitely have the room even if all the women decided they wanted to go.

She showed me pictures of the different buses, and I knew that this was the best way for us to all go and enjoy ourselves for a day. It meant that we would be able to all be together in the same vehicle, rather than just a few in each car. We also would not have to worry about traffic, parking, or getting lost since the driver would take care of all of that. When she presented the idea to the other women, everyone wanted in on the fun. We had 42 women sign up, and I know we are going to have a blast.


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